Articles | Volume 2, issue 2
07 Jul 2009
 | 07 Jul 2009

Water vapor total column measurements using the Elodie Archive at Observatoire de Haute Provence from 1994 to 2004

A. Sarkissian and J. Slusser

Abstract. Water vapor total column measurements at Observatoire de Haute Provence (5°42´ E, +43°55´ N), south of France, were obtained using observations of astronomical objects made between July 1994 and December 2004 on the 193-cm telescope with the high-resolution spectrometer Elodie. Spectra of stars, nebulae, and other astronomical objects were taken regularly during 10 years. More than 18 000 spectra from 400 nm to 680 nm are available on-line in the Elodie Archive. This archive, usually explored by astronomers, contains information to study the atmosphere of the Earth. Water vapor absorption lines appear in the visible in delimited bands that astronomers often avoid for their spectral analysis. We used the Elodie Archive with two objectives: firstly, to retrieve seasonal variability and long-term trend of atmospheric water vapor, and secondly, to remove signatures in spectra for further astronomical or geophysical use. The tools presented here (the workflow, the interoperable Elodie Archive and the web service Tellodie) are developed following, when possible, formats and standards recommended by the International Virtual Observatory Alliance.