Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
25 Feb 2010
 | 25 Feb 2010

Modelling Ag-particle activation and growth in a TSI WCPC model 3785

F. Stratmann, E. Herrmann, T. Petäjä, and M. Kulmala

Abstract. In this work, we modelled activation and growth of silver particles in the water-operated TSI model 3785 water condensation particle counter (WCPC). Our objective was to investigate theoretically how various effects influence the counting efficiency of this CPC. Coupled fluid and particle dynamic processes were modelled with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code FLUENT in combination with the Fine Particle Model (FPM) to obtain profiles of temperature, vapour concentration, nucleation rate, and particle size. We found that the counting efficiency of the TSI 3785 for small particles might be affected by the presence of larger particles. Moreover, homogeneous nucleation processes can significantly influence counting efficiency.