Articles | Volume 10, issue 10
Research article
09 Oct 2017
Research article |  | 09 Oct 2017

Deriving the slit functions from OMI solar observations and its implications for ozone-profile retrieval

Kang Sun, Xiong Liu, Guanyu Huang, Gonzalo González Abad, Zhaonan Cai, Kelly Chance, and Kai Yang

Data sets

OMI 75 L1B solar irradiance products GES DISC

Short summary
This study derives on-orbit slit functions from the OMI irradiance spectra. The results differ from the widely used preflight slit functions. The on-orbit changes of OMI slit functions are insignificant over time after accounting for the solar activity. Applying the derived on-orbit slit functions to ozone-profile retrieval shows substantial improvements over the preflight slit functions based on comparisons with ozonesonde validations.