Articles | Volume 11, issue 6
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 11, 3281–3296, 2018

Special issue: CALIPSO version 4 algorithms and data products

Atmos. Meas. Tech., 11, 3281–3296, 2018

Research article 08 Jun 2018

Research article | 08 Jun 2018

Laser pulse bidirectional reflectance from CALIPSO mission

Xiaomei Lu et al.

Data sets

GLAS/ICESat 500 m Laser Altimetry Digital Elevation Model of Antarctica, Version 1 J. P. DiMarzio

MCD43C1 MODIS/Terra+Aqua BRDF/AlbedoModel Parameters Daily L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG V006 C. Schaaf and Z. Wang

Short summary
This paper presents an innovative retrieval method that translates the CALIOP land surface laser pulse returns into the surface bidirectional reflectance. The surface bidirectional reflectances retrieved from CALIOP measurements contribute complementary data for existing MODIS standard data products and could be used to detect and monitor seasonal surface reflectance changes in high latitude regions where passive MODIS measurements are limited.