Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Research article
18 Jan 2019
Research article |  | 18 Jan 2019

The effect of instrumental stray light on Brewer and Dobson total ozone measurements

Omid Moeini, Zahra Vaziri Zanjani, C. Thomas McElroy, David W. Tarasick, Robert D. Evans, Irina Petropavlovskikh, and Keh-Harng Feng

Data sets

South Pole station Dobson record NOAA/ESRL

Short summary
This study documents the error caused by the effect of stray light in the Brewer and Dobson total ozone measurements using a mathematical model for each instrument. The errors caused by stray light are particularly significant at high latitudes in the late winter and early spring when measurements are made at large solar zenith angles and large total ozone column. Such errors are of considerable importance if those data are to be used for trend analysis or satellite data validation.