Articles | Volume 13, issue 6
Research article
09 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 09 Jun 2020

First observations of the McMurdo–South Pole oblique ionospheric HF channel

Alex T. Chartier, Juha Vierinen, and Geonhwa Jee

Data sets

Data for "First Observations of the McMurdo-South Pole Ionospheric HF Channel" A. T. Chartier

sounder A. T. Chartier

Model code and software

alexchartier/sounder: AMT paper release A. T. Chartier

Short summary
A novel oblique ionospheric radio sounder has been developed and demonstrated in Antarctica. The transmitter was located at McMurdo and the receiver at the South Pole (1356 km great-circle path). The system cycled through 12 frequencies each minute and recorded signal time of flight, intensity, and Doppler. This allowed for the estimation of peak ionospheric electron density, which validated well against independent data from the nearby Jang Bogo ionosonde and GPS TEC.