Articles | Volume 13, issue 8
Research article
12 Aug 2020
Research article |  | 12 Aug 2020

Synergistic radar and radiometer retrievals of ice hydrometeors

Simon Pfreundschuh, Patrick Eriksson, Stefan A. Buehler, Manfred Brath, David Duncan, Richard Larsson, and Robin Ekelund

Model code and software

Microwave Clour Retrieval Framework (MCRF) Simon Pfreundschuh

Short summary
The next generation of European operational weather satellites will carry a novel microwave sensor, the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI), which will provide observations of clouds at microwave frequencies that were not available before. We investigate the potential benefits of combining observations from ICI with that of a radar. We find that such combined observations provide additional information on the properties of the cloud and help to reduce uncertainties in retrieved mass and number densities.