Articles | Volume 13, issue 2
Research article
20 Feb 2020
Research article |  | 20 Feb 2020

A new instrument for time-resolved measurement of HO2 radicals

Thomas H. Speak, Mark A. Blitz, Daniel Stone, and Paul W. Seakins

Data sets

Data for the publication ``A new instrument for time-resolved measurement of HO2 radicals'' T. H. Speak, M. A. Blitz, D. Stone, and P. W. Seakins

Short summary
OH and HO2 radicals are important trace constituents of the atmosphere that are closely coupled via several types of reaction. This paper describes a new laboratory method to simultaneously determine OH kinetics and HO2 yields from chemical processes. The instrument also provides some time resolution on HO2 detection allowing one to separate HO2 produced from the target reaction from HO2 arising from secondary chemistry. Examples of applications are presented.