Articles | Volume 14, issue 10
Research article
20 Oct 2021
Research article |  | 20 Oct 2021

Comparison of mid-latitude single- and mixed-phase cloud optical depth from co-located infrared spectrometer and backscatter lidar measurements

Gianluca Di Natale, Marco Barucci, Claudio Belotti, Giovanni Bianchini, Francesco D'Amato, Samuele Del Bianco, Marco Gai, Alessio Montori, Ralf Sussmann, Silvia Viciani, Hannes Vogelmann, and Luca Palchetti

Data sets

FIRMOS 2018-2019 Zugspitze campaign dataset L. Palchetti, M. Barucci, C. Belotti, G. Bianchini, B. Cluzet, F. D'Amato, S. Del Bianco, G. Di Natale, M. Gai, D. Khordakova, A. Montori, H. Oetjen, M. Rettinger, C. Rolf, D. Schuettemeyer, R. Sussmann, S. Viciani, H. Vogelmann, and F. G. Wienhold

Short summary
The importance of cirrus and mixed-phase clouds in the Earth radiation budget has been proven by many studies. In this paper the properties that characterize these clouds are retrieved from lidar and far-infrared spectral measurements performed in winter 2018/19 on the Zugspitze (Germany). The synergy of lidar and spectrometer measurements allowed us to assess the exponent k of the power-law relationship between the backscattering and the extinction coefficients.