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16 Dec 2021
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 16 Dec 2021

Options to correct local turbulent flux measurements for large-scale fluxes using an approach based on large-eddy simulation

Matthias Mauder, Andreas Ibrom, Luise Wanner, Frederik De Roo, Peter Brugger, Ralf Kiese, and Kim Pilegaard

Data sets

Evapotranspiration data of the TERENO sites Graswang and Fendt for 2013 and 2014 measured by eddy-covariance and lysimeters M. Mauder, R. Kiese, and P. Widmoser

Model code and software

Eddy-Covariance Software TK3. In Documentation and Instruction Manual of the Eddy-Covariance Software Package TK3 (update) (p. 67) M. Mauder and T. Foken

Short summary
Turbulent flux measurements suffer from a general systematic underestimation. One reason for this bias is non-local transport by large-scale circulations. A recently developed model for this additional transport of sensible and latent energy is evaluated for three different test sites. Different options on how to apply this correction are presented, and the results are evaluated against independent measurements.