Articles | Volume 14, issue 12
Research article
23 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 23 Dec 2021

First eddy covariance flux measurements of semi-volatile organic compounds with the PTR3-TOF-MS

Lukas Fischer, Martin Breitenlechner, Eva Canaval, Wiebke Scholz, Marcus Striednig, Martin Graus, Thomas G. Karl, Tuukka Petäjä, Markku Kulmala, and Armin Hansel

Data sets

PTR3 data measured in Hyytiälä during field campaign: Emissions of BVOC and their oxidation products contributing to New Particle Formation (BVOC-NPF), Version 1 L. Fischer https://hdl.handle. net/20.500.11756/d025b0bb

Model code and software

lukasfischer83/peakFit: Initial Release (v0.1) L. Fischer and M. Breitenlechner

lukasfischer83/TOF-Tracer2: Initial Release (v0.1) L. Fischer, M. Leiminger and E. Eccli

Short summary
Ecosystems emit biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs), which are then oxidized in the atmosphere, contributing to ozone and secondary aerosol formation. While flux measurements of BVOCs are state of the art, flux measurements of the less volatile oxidation products are difficult to achieve due to inlet losses. Here we present first flux measurements, utilizing a novel PTR3 instrument in combination with a specially designed wall-less inlet we put on top of the Hyytiälä tower in Finland.