Articles | Volume 15, issue 20
Research article
20 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 20 Oct 2022

Assessment of the error budget for stratospheric ozone profiles retrieved from OMPS limb scatter measurements

Carlo Arosio, Alexei Rozanov, Victor Gorshelev, Alexandra Laeng, and John P. Burrows

Data sets

OMPS-LP ozone profiles retrieved at the University of Bremen - IUP C. Arosio and A. Rozanov

Random and systematic uncertainties for OMPS-LP ozone profiles C. Arosio

MLS/Aura Level 2 Ozone (O3) Mixing Ratio V004 M. Schwartz, L. Froidevaux, N. Livesey, and W. Read

Serdyuchenko-Gorshelev UV/VIS/NIR ozone absorption cross-section (1.0) A. Serdyuchenko, V. Gorshelev, M. Weber, and J. P. Burrows

OMPS-NPP L1G LP Radiance EV Wavelength-Altitude Grid swath orbital 3slit V2 G. Jaross

Model code and software


Regression Coefficients of parametrisation of function of natural atmospheric variability and reparametrization on latitudinal gradients software A. Laeng

Short summary
This paper characterizes the uncertainties affecting the ozone profiles retrieved at the University of Bremen through OMPS limb satellite observations. An accurate knowledge of the uncertainties is relevant for the validation of the product and to correctly interpret the retrieval results. We investigate several sources of uncertainties, estimate a total random and systematic component, and verify the consistency of the combined OMPS-MLS total uncertainty.