Articles | Volume 16, issue 15
Research article
14 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 14 Aug 2023

A new accurate low-cost instrument for fast synchronized spatial measurements of light spectra

Bert G. Heusinkveld, Wouter B. Mol, and Chiel C. van Heerwaarden

Data sets

Radiometer grid at Falkenberg and surroundings, downwelling shortwave radiation Wouter Mol and Bert Heusinkveld

Radiometer network dataset of 10 Hz spectral irradiance and derived variables (LIAISE campaign) Wouter Mol, Bert Heusinkveld, and Chiel van Heerwaarden

FROST spectral measurements (Version V1) Bert G. Heusinkveld

Model code and software

FROST (Version 3) Bert Heusinkveld

Short summary
This paper presents a new instrument for fast measurements of solar irradiance in 18 wavebands (400–950 nm): GPS perfectly synchronizes 10 Hz measurement speed to universal time, low-cost (< EUR 200) complete standalone solution for realizing dense measurement grids to study cloud-shading dynamics, 940 nm waveband reveals atmospheric moisture column information, 11 wavebands to study photosynthetic active radiation and light interaction with vegetation, and good reflection spectra performance.