Articles | Volume 16, issue 23
Research article
07 Dec 2023
Research article |  | 07 Dec 2023

Raman lidar-derived optical and microphysical properties of ice crystals within thin Arctic clouds during PARCS campaign

Patrick Chazette and Jean-Christophe Raut

Data sets

PARCS, WALI lidar Jean-Christophe Raut and Patrick Chazette

Short summary
The vertical profiles of the effective radii of ice crystals and ice water content in Arctic semi-transparent stratiform clouds were assessed using quantitative ground-based lidar measurements. The field campaign was part of the Pollution in the ARCtic System (PARCS) project which took place from 13 to 26 May 2016 in Hammerfest (70° 39′ 48″ N, 23° 41′ 00″ E). We show that under certain cloud conditions, lidar measurement combined with a dedicated algorithmic approach is an efficient tool.