Articles | Volume 17, issue 1
Research article
11 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 11 Jan 2024

Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) polarization characteristics and correction algorithm

Haklim Choi, Xiong Liu, Ukkyo Jeong, Heesung Chong, Jhoon Kim, Myung Hwan Ahn, Dai Ho Ko, Dong-Won Lee, Kyung-Jung Moon, and Kwang-Mog Lee

Data sets

OMI/Aura Ozone (O3) Total Column 1-Orbit L2 Swath 13x24 km V003 OMTO3

Short summary
GEMS is the first geostationary satellite to measure the UV--Vis region, and this paper reports the polarization characteristics of GEMS and an algorithm. We develop a polarization correction algorithm optimized for GEMS based on a look-up-table approach that simultaneously considers the polarization of incoming light and polarization sensitivity characteristics of the instrument. Pre-launch polarization error was adjusted close to zero across the spectral range after polarization correction.