Articles | Volume 17, issue 6
Research article
25 Mar 2024
Research article |  | 25 Mar 2024

Model-based evaluation of cloud geometry and droplet size retrievals from two-dimensional polarized measurements of specMACS

Lea Volkmer, Veronika Pörtge, Fabian Jakub, and Bernhard Mayer

Data sets

PALM-LES / EUREC4A shallow cumulus dataset with 3D cloud output data Fabian Jakub and Lea S. Volkmer

Short summary
Three-dimensional radiative transfer simulations are used to evaluate the performance of retrieval algorithms in the derivation of cloud geometry (cloud top heights) and cloud droplet size distributions from two-dimensional polarized radiance measurements of the airborne spectrometer of the Munich Aerosol Cloud Scanner. The cloud droplet size distributions are derived for the effective radius and variance. The simulations are based on cloud data from highly resolved large-eddy simulations.