Articles | Volume 5, issue 11
Research article
14 Nov 2012
Research article |  | 14 Nov 2012

Anisotropy of small-scale stratospheric irregularities retrieved from scintillations of a double star α-Cru observed by GOMOS/ENVISAT

V. Kan, V. F. Sofieva, and F. Dalaudier

Abstract. In this paper, we discuss estimating anisotropy of air density irregularities (ratio of characteristic horizontal and vertical scales) from satellite observations of bi-chromatic scintillations of a double star whose components are not resolved by the detector. The analysis is based on fitting experimental auto- and cross-spectra of scintillations by those computed using the 3-D spectral model of atmospheric irregularities consisting of anisotropic and isotropic components. Application of the developed method to the scintillation measurements of the double star α-Cru by GOMOS (Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars) fast photometers results in estimates of anisotropy coefficient of ~15–20 at altitudes 30–38 km, as well as other parameters of atmospheric irregularities. The obtained estimates of the anisotropy coefficient correspond to small-scale irregularities, close to the buoyancy scale.