Articles | Volume 5, issue 11
Research article
26 Nov 2012
Research article |  | 26 Nov 2012

Using particle filter to track horizontal variations of atmospheric duct structure from radar sea clutter

X. F. Zhao, S. X. Huang, and D. X. Wang

Abstract. This paper addresses the problem of estimating range-varying parameters of the height-dependent refractivity over the sea surface from radar sea clutter. In the forward simulation, the split-step Fourier parabolic equation (PE) is used to compute the radar clutter power in the complex refractive environments. Making use of the inherent Markovian structure of the split-step Fourier PE solution, the refractivity from clutter (RFC) problem is formulated within a nonlinear recursive Bayesian state estimation framework. Particle filter (PF), which is a technique for implementing a recursive Bayesian filter by Monte Carlo simulations, is used to track range-varying characteristics of the refractivity profiles. Basic ideas of employing PF to solve RFC problem are introduced. Both simulation and real data results are presented to confirm the feasibility of PF-RFC performances.