Articles | Volume 9, issue 5
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 2055–2065, 2016
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 2055–2065, 2016

Research article 09 May 2016

Research article | 09 May 2016

The impact of the ozone effective temperature on satellite validation using the Dobson spectrophotometer network

Maria Elissavet Koukouli et al.

Data sets

Total ozone column, ozonesonde ozone and temperature profile data sets World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC)

GOME2/MetopA GODFIT_v3 Ozone-CCI total ozone column data sets European Space Agency (ESA)

Homogenized total ozone data records from the European sensors GOME/ERS-2, SCIAMACHY/Envisat, and GOME-2/MetOp-A C. Lerot, M. van Roozendael, R. Spurr, D. Loyola, M. Coldewey-Egbers, S. Kochenova, J. van Gent, M. Koukouli, D. Balis, J.-C. Lambert, J. Granville, and C. Zehner

Validation of the total ozone climate data record from GOME/ERS, I., SCIAMACHY/Envisat and GOME-2/MetopA as part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative M. E. Koukouli, C. Lerot, J. Granville, F. Goutail, J.-C. Lambert, J.-P. Pommereau, D. Balis, I. Zyrichidou, M. van Roozendael, M. Coldewey-Egbers, D. Loyola, G. Labow, S. Frith, R. Spurr, and C. Zehner

Validation of Aura Microwave Limb Sounder O3 and CO observations in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere N. J. Livesey, M. J. Filipiak, L. Froidevaux, W. G Read, M. L. Santee, J. H. Jiang, H. C. Pumphrey, J. W. Waters, R. E. Cofield, D. T. Cuddy, W. H. Daffer, B. J. Drouin, R. A. Fuller, R. F. Jarnot, Y. B. Jiang, B. W. Knosp, Q. B. Li, V. S. Perun, M. J. Schwartz, W. V. Snyder, P. C. Stek, R. P. Thurstans, P. A. Wagner, M. Avery, E. V. Browell, J.-P. Cammas, L. E. Christensen, G. S. Diskin, R.-S. Gao, H.-J. Jost, M. Loewenstein, J. D. Lopez, P. Nedelec, G. B. Osterman, G. W. Sachse, and C. R. Webster

MLS/Aura ozone and temperature profile data sets NASA

Medium-range weather forecasting model European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Short summary
The main aim of the paper is to demonstrate an approach for the post-processing of the Dobson spectrophotometers' total ozone columns (TOCs) in order to compensate for their known stratospheric effective temperature dependency and its resulting effect on the usage of the Dobson TOCs for satellite TOCs' validation.