Articles | Volume 11, issue 5
Research article
31 May 2018
Research article |  | 31 May 2018

Effects of temporal averaging on short-term irradiance variability under mixed sky conditions

Gerald M. Lohmann and Adam H. Monahan

Data sets

Oahu solar measurement grid (1-year archive): 1-second solar irradiance Sengupta, M. and Andreas, A.

A 10 Hz irradiance dataset from Oldenburg, Germany Schmidt, T. and Lohmann, G. M.

Irradiance monitoring network data and wind motion vectors Lorenzo, A. T., Holmgren, W. F., and Cronin, A. D.

Short summary
Using high-resolution surface irradiance data with original temporal resolutions between 0.01 s and 1 s from six different locations in the Northern Hemisphere, we characterize the changes in representation of temporal variability resulting from time averaging. Our results indicate that a temporal averaging time scale of around 1 s marks a transition in representing single-point irradiance variability, such that longer averages result in substantial underestimates of variability.