Articles | Volume 11, issue 12
Research article
30 Nov 2018
Research article |  | 30 Nov 2018

Can turbulence within the field of view cause significant biases in radiative transfer modeling at the 183 GHz band?

Xavier Calbet, Niobe Peinado-Galan, Sergio DeSouza-Machado, Emil Robert Kursinski, Pedro Oria, Dale Ward, Angel Otarola, Pilar Rípodas, and Rigel Kivi

Data sets

RS92 GRUAN Data Product Version 2 (RS92-GDP.2) M. Sommer, R. Dirksen, and F. Immler

Short summary
The hypothesis whether turbulence within the passive microwave sounders field of view can cause significant biases in radiative transfer modelling at the 183 GHz water vapour absorption band is tested. It is shown that this effect can cause significant biases, which can match the observed ones by Brogniez et al. (2016). They can be explained by locating intense turbulence in the high troposphere, such as the one present in clear air turbulence, cumulus clouds or storms.