Articles | Volume 12, issue 7
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 12, 3717–3742, 2019
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 12, 3717–3742, 2019

Research article 10 Jul 2019

Research article | 10 Jul 2019

Evaluation of ambient ammonia measurements from a research aircraft using a closed-path QC-TILDAS operated with active continuous passivation

Ilana B. Pollack et al.

Data sets

CSU Gas Phase Ammonia (NH3) Measurements E. Fischer

Aerodyne CS-108 miniQCL CO, N2O and H2O in situ mixing ratio observations - ICARTT format T. L. Campos

PTR-ToF-MS Measurements of NMVOCs, HONO, HCN, CH3CN Data L. Hu

Low Rate (LRT - 1 sps) Navigation, State Parameter, and Microphysics Flight-Level Data - ICARTT format UCAR/NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory

Short summary
A closed-path infrared absorption spectrometer was outfitted with the option for active continuous passivation for measuring large, rapid gradients in atmospheric NH3 from a research aircraft. In-flight and ground observations show utility in passivant addition for recovering instrument time response when sampling surfaces are contaminated and cannot be cleaned in a timely manner and for maintaining rapid time response in an NH3-rich and humid environment over a several-week-long field campaign.