Articles | Volume 13, issue 3
Research article
18 Mar 2020
Research article |  | 18 Mar 2020

Early results and validation of SAGE III-ISS ozone profile measurements from onboard the International Space Station

M. Patrick McCormick, Liqiao Lei, Michael T. Hill, John Anderson, Richard Querel, and Wolfgang Steinbrecht

Data sets

Ozone profile data SAGE III-ISS v5.1

Satellite ozone profile data ACE-FTS v3.5/3.6

Hohenpeißenberg ozonsonde data NDACC Data Host Facility

Hohenpeissenberg lidar data NDACC Data Host Facility

Lauder ozonesonde data NDACC Data Host Facility

Lauder lidar data NDACC Data Host Facility

Short summary
We present a validation of O3 data from the SAGE III-ISS instrument using ground-based lidars and ozonesondes from Hohenpeißenberg and Lauder as well as O3 data from the ACE-FTS instrument. Average differences in the O3 concentration between SAGE III-ISS and the lidar and sonde observations are < 10 % over much of the lower and middle stratosphere. The ACE comparisons are < 5 % from 20 to 45 km. These results provide confidence in the SAGE III measurements of global stratospheric O3 profiles.