Articles | Volume 13, issue 9
Research article
04 Sep 2020
Research article |  | 04 Sep 2020

More science with less: evaluation of a 3D-printed weather station

Adam Theisen, Max Ungar, Bryan Sheridan, and Bradley G. Illston

Data sets

AdamTheisen/3DWxSt: Final Paper (Version V2.0.0) Adam Theisen

Model code and software

AdamTheisen/3DWxSt: Final Paper (Version V2.0.0) Adam Theisen

Short summary
A low-cost weather station with 3D-printed components was built, based on the UCAR 3D-PAWS project, and deployed alongside an Oklahoma Mesonet station for an 8-month study to determine the longevity of these sensors and their performance compared with standard commercial sensors. Results show that the low-cost sensors can perform as well as the more expensive commercial ones for short-term deployments with the possibility for long-term deployments with proper maintenance and replacement.