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04 Nov 2021
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 04 Nov 2021

A differential emissivity imaging technique for measuring hydrometeor mass and type

Dhiraj K. Singh, Spencer Donovan, Eric R. Pardyjak, and Timothy J. Garrett

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Meso West University of Utah

Short summary
This paper describes a new instrument for quantifying the physical characteristics of hydrometeors such as snow and rain. The device can measure the mass, size, density and type of individual hydrometeors as well as their bulk properties. The instrument is called the Differential Emissivity Imaging Disdrometer (DEID) and is composed of a thermal camera and hotplate. The DEID measures hydrometeors at sampling frequencies up to 1 Hz with masses and effective diameters greater than 1 µg and 200 µm.