Articles | Volume 15, issue 9
Research article
12 May 2022
Research article |  | 12 May 2022

Combined UV and IR ozone profile retrieval from TROPOMI and CrIS measurements

Nora Mettig, Mark Weber, Alexei Rozanov, John P. Burrows, Pepijn Veefkind, Anne M. Thompson, Ryan M. Stauffer, Thierry Leblanc, Gerard Ancellet, Michael J. Newchurch, Shi Kuang, Rigel Kivi, Matthew B. Tully, Roeland Van Malderen, Ankie Piters, Bogumil Kois, René Stübi, and Pavla Skrivankova

Data sets

Sounder SIPS: Suomi NPP CrIMSS Level 2 CLIMCAPS Full Spectral Resolution: Atmosphere cloud and surface geophysical state V2 C. Barnet

Sounder SIPS: Suomi NPP CrIMSS Level 2 CLIMCAPS Full Spectral Resolution: Cloud Cleared Radiances V2 C. Barnet

World Meteorological Organization-Global Atmosphere Watch Program, and World Ozone And Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre: Ozonesonde WOUDC Ozonesonde Monitoring Community

First reprocessing of Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes (SHADOZ) profile records (1998-2015): 1. Methodology and evaluation J. C. Witte, A. M. Thompson, H. G. J. Smit, M. Fujiwara, F. Posny, G. J. R. Coetzee, E. T. Northam, B. J. Johnson, C. W. Sterling, M. Mohamad, S.-Y. Ogino, A. Jordan, and F. R. da Silva

First Reprocessing of Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes (SHADOZ) Ozone Profiles (1998--2016): 2. Comparisons With Satellites and Ground--Based Instruments A. M. Thompson, J. C. Witte, C. Sterling, A. Jordan, B. J. Johnson, S.~J. Oltmans, M. Fujiwara, H. V{\"o}mel, M. Allaart, A. Piters, G. J. R. Coetzee, F. Posny, E. Corrales, J. A. Diaz, C. F{\'e}lix, N. Komala, N. Lai, H. T. {Ahn Nguyen}, M. Maata, F. Mani, Z. Zainal, S. Y. Ogino, F. Paredes, T. L. B. Penha, F. R. Silva, S. Sallons-Mitro, H. B. Selkirk, F. J. Schmidlin, R. St{\"u}bi, and K. Thiongo

First Reprocessing of Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes Profile Records: 3. Uncertainty in Ozone Profile and Total Column J. C. Witte, A. M. Thompson, H. G. J. Smit, H. V{\"o}mel, F. Posny, and R. St{\"u}bi

Homogenizing and estimating the uncertainty in NOAA's long-term vertical ozone profile records measured with the electrochemical concentration cell ozonesonde C. W. Sterling, B. J. Johnson, S. J. Oltmans, H. G. J. Smit, A. F. Jordan, P. D. Cullis, E. G. Hall, A. M. Thompson, and J. C. Witte

Short summary
Vertical ozone profiles from combined spectral measurements in the UV and IR spectral ranges were retrieved by using data from TROPOMI/S5P and CrIS/Suomi-NPP. The vertical resolution and accuracy of the ozone profiles are improved by combining both wavelength ranges compared to retrievals limited to UV or IR spectral data only. The advancement of our TOPAS algorithm for combined measurements is required because in the UV-only retrieval the vertical resolution in the troposphere is very limited.