Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
Research article
04 Jan 2022
Research article |  | 04 Jan 2022

Dealing with spatial heterogeneity in pointwise-to-gridded- data comparisons

Amir H. Souri, Kelly Chance, Kang Sun, Xiong Liu, and Matthew S. Johnson

Data sets

DISCOVER-AQ P-3B Aircraft in-situ Trace Gas Measurements NASA/LARC/SD/ASDC

Short summary
The central component of satellite and model validation is pointwise measurements. A point is an element of space, whereas satellite (model) pixels represent an averaged area. These two datasets are inherently different. We leveraged some geostatistical tools to transform discrete points to gridded data with quantified uncertainty, comparable to satellite footprint (and response functions). This in part alleviated some complications concerning point–pixel comparisons.