Articles | Volume 15, issue 16
Research article
22 Aug 2022
Research article |  | 22 Aug 2022

Comparison of planetary boundary layer height from ceilometer with ARM radiosonde data

Damao Zhang, Jennifer Comstock, and Victor Morris

Data sets

Boundary-Layer Height Data with CEIL (CEILPBLHT) V. Morris and E. Brian

Planetary Boundary Layer Height (PBLHTSONDE1MCFARL) L. Riihimaki and D. Zhang

Short summary
The planetary boundary layer is the lowest part of the atmosphere. Its structure and depth (PBLHT) significantly impact air quality, global climate, land–atmosphere interactions, and a wide range of atmospheric processes. To test the robustness of the ceilometer-estimated PBLHT under different atmospheric conditions, we compared ceilometer- and radiosonde-estimated PBLHTs using multiple years of U.S. DOE ARM measurements at various ARM observatories located around the world.