Articles | Volume 15, issue 17
Research article
08 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 08 Sep 2022

Characterization of inexpensive metal oxide sensor performance for trace methane detection

Daniel Furuta, Tofigh Sayahi, Jinsheng Li, Bruce Wilson, Albert A. Presto, and Jiayu Li

Data sets

Dataset for "Characterization of inexpensive MOx sensor performance for trace methane detection" D. Furuta, T. Sayahi, J. Li, B. Wilson, A. Presto, and J. Li

Short summary
Methane is a major greenhouse gas and contributor to climate change with various human-caused and natural sources. Currently, atmospheric methane is expensive to sense. We investigate repurposing cheap methane safety sensors for atmospheric sensing, finding several promising sensors and identifying some of the challenges in this approach. This work will help in developing inexpensive sensor networks for methane monitoring, which will aid in reducing methane leaks and emissions.