Articles | Volume 16, issue 10
Research article
26 May 2023
Research article |  | 26 May 2023

Sensitivity studies of nighttime top-of-atmosphere radiances from artificial light sources using a 3-D radiative transfer model for nighttime aerosol retrievals

Jianglong Zhang, Jeffrey S. Reid, Steven D. Miller, Miguel Román, Zhuosen Wang, Robert J. D. Spurr, and Shawn Jaker

Data sets

The Spherical Harmonics Discrete Ordinate Method for Three-Dimensional Atmospheric Radiative Transfer K. F. Evans<0429:TSHDOM>2.0.CO;2

VNP46A3 - VIIRS/NPP Lunar BRDFAdjusted Nighttime Lights Monthly L3 Global 15 arc second Linear Lat Lon Grid NASA LAADS DAAC

Model code and software

Spherical Harmonic Discrete Ordinate Method (SHDOM) radiative transfer model F. Evans

Short summary
We adapted the spherical harmonics discrete ordinate method 3-dimentional radiative transfer model (3-D RTM) and developed a nighttime 3-D RTM capability for simulating top-of-atmosphere radiances from artificial light sources for aerosol retrievals. Our study suggests that both aerosol optical depth and aerosol plume height can be effectively retrieved using nighttime observations over artificial light sources, through the newly developed radiative transfer modeling capability.