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20 Jun 2023
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 20 Jun 2023

Diurnal carbon monoxide observed from a geostationary infrared hyperspectral sounder: first result from GIIRS on board FengYun-4B

Zhao-Cheng Zeng, Lu Lee, and Chengli Qi

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) retrievals from GIIRS onboard FY-4B Zhao-Cheng Zeng

Executive editor
These are important first results of carbon monoxide from the GEO perspective which gives the diurnal variation of a critical atmospheric pollutant.
Short summary
Observations from geostationary orbit provide contiguous coverage with a high temporal resolution, representing an important advancement over current low-Earth-orbit instruments. Using measurements from GIIRS on board China's FengYun satellite, the world’s first geostationary hyperspectral infrared sounder, we showed the first results of diurnal CO in eastern Asia from a geostationary orbit, which will have great potential in improving local and global air quality and climate research.