Articles | Volume 16, issue 15
Research article
08 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 08 Aug 2023

Concept, absolute calibration, and validation of a new benchtop laser imaging polar nephelometer

Alireza Moallemi, Robin L. Modini, Benjamin T. Brem, Barbara Bertozzi, Philippe Giaccari, and Martin Gysel-Beer

Data sets

Data archive for the peer-reviewed journal article "Concept, absolute calibration and validation of a new, bench-top laser imaging polar nephelometer" A. Moallemi, R. L. Modini, P. Giaccari, B. T. Brem, B. Bertozzi, and M. Gysel-Beer

Model code and software

Platform for GRASP open source code GRASP-SAS

miepython: a pure Python module to calculate light scattering by non-absorbing, partially-absorbing, or perfectly conducting spheres Scott Prahl

Short summary
Polarimetric data, i.e., the angular and polarization dependence of light scattering by aerosols, contain ample information on optical and microphysical properties. Retrieval of these properties is a central approach in aerosol remote sensing. We present a description, calibration, validation, and a first application of a new benchtop polar nephelometer, which provides in situ polarimetric measurements of an aerosol. Such data facilitate agreement between retrieval results and independent data.