Articles | Volume 16, issue 21
Research article
03 Nov 2023
Research article |  | 03 Nov 2023

Local comparisons of tropospheric ozone: vertical soundings at two neighbouring stations in southern Bavaria

Thomas Trickl, Martin Adelwart, Dina Khordakova, Ludwig Ries, Christian Rolf, Michael Sprenger, Wolfgang Steinbrecht, and Hannes Vogelmann

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GAW Global (32) WDCRG

Short summary
Tropospheric ozone have been measured for more than a century. Highly quantitative ozone measurements have been made at monitoring stations. However, deficits have been reported for vertical sounding systems. Here, we report a thorough intercomparison effort between a differential-absorption lidar system and two types of balloon-borne ozone sondes, also using ozone sensors at nearby mountain sites as references. The sondes agree very well with the lidar after offset corrections.