Articles | Volume 16, issue 23
Research article
13 Dec 2023
Research article |  | 13 Dec 2023

Cloud top heights and aerosol columnar properties from combined EarthCARE lidar and imager observations: the AM-CTH and AM-ACD products

Moritz Haarig, Anja Hünerbein, Ulla Wandinger, Nicole Docter, Sebastian Bley, David Donovan, and Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff

Data sets

EarthCARE level-2 demonstration products from simulated scenes G.-J. van Zadelhoff, H. W. Barker, E. Baudrez, S. Bley, N. Clerbaux, J. N. S. Cole, J. de Kloe, N. Docter, C. Domenech, D. P. Donovan, J.-L. Dufresne, M. Eisinger, J. Fischer, R. García-Marañón, M. Haarig, R. J. Hogan, A. Hünerbein, P. Kollias, R. Koopman, N. Madenach, S. L. Mason, R. Preusker, B. Puigdomènech Treserras, Z. Qu, M. Ruiz-Saldaña, M. Shephard, A. Velázquez-Blazquez, N. Villefranque, U. Wandinger, P. Wang, and T. Wehr

Short summary
The atmospheric lidar (ATLID) and Multi-Spectral Imager (MSI) will be carried by the EarthCARE satellite. The synergistic ATLID–MSI Column Products (AM-COL) algorithm described in the paper combines the strengths of ATLID in vertically resolved profiles of aerosol and clouds (e.g., cloud top height) with the strengths of MSI in observing the complete scene beside the satellite track and in extending the lidar information to the swath. The algorithm is validated against simulated test scenes.