Articles | Volume 16, issue 3
Research article
03 Feb 2023
Research article |  | 03 Feb 2023

Advances in retrieving XCH4 and XCO from Sentinel-5 Precursor: improvements in the scientific TROPOMI/WFMD algorithm

Oliver Schneising, Michael Buchwitz, Jonas Hachmeister, Steffen Vanselow, Maximilian Reuter, Matthias Buschmann, Heinrich Bovensmann, and John P. Burrows

Data sets

TROPOMI/WFMD XCH4 and XCO v1.8 O. Schneising

Short summary
Methane and carbon monoxide are important constituents of the atmosphere in the context of climate change and air pollution. We present the latest advances in the TROPOMI/WFMD algorithm to simultaneously retrieve atmospheric methane and carbon monoxide abundances from space. The changes in the latest product version are described in detail, and the resulting improvements are demonstrated. An overview of the products is provided including a discussion of annual increases and validation results.