Articles | Volume 17, issue 4
Research article
22 Feb 2024
Research article |  | 22 Feb 2024

Global evaluation of fast radiative transfer model coefficients for early meteorological satellite sensors

Bruna Barbosa Silveira, Emma Catherine Turner, and Jérôme Vidot

Data sets

Diverse profiles dataset from the ECMWF 137-level short-range forecasts R. Eresmaa and A. McNally

Model code and software

An update on the RTTOV fast radiative transfer model (currently at version 12) ( Roger Saunders et al.

Atmospheric radiative transfer modeling: a summary of the AER codes ( S. Clough et al.

Short summary
A fast radiative transfer model, used to speed up the full spectral simulation of meteorological satellite channels in weather forecast models, is tested using 25 000 modelled atmospheres. The differences between calculations from the fast and the high-resolution reference models are examined for nine historic weather satellite instruments. The study confirms that a reduced set of 83 atmospheric profiles is robust enough to estimate the scale of the differences obtained from the larger sample.