Articles | Volume 9, issue 12
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 5811–5832, 2016

Special issue: CHemistry and AeRosols Mediterranean EXperiments (ChArMEx)...

Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 5811–5832, 2016

Research article 05 Dec 2016

Research article | 05 Dec 2016

Adapted ECC ozonesonde for long-duration flights aboard boundary-layer pressurised balloons

François Gheusi et al.

Data sets

BLPB Ozone ADRIMED (Minorca) F. Gheusi

BLPB Ozone SAFMED SOP-1 (Levant) F. Gheusi

Radiosounding ozone ADRIMED (Minorca) F. Gheusi

Radiosounding ozone SAFMED SOP-1 (Levant) F. Gheusi

Surface ozone Minorca (ADRIMED) F. Gheusi

Surface ozone Levant (SAFMED SOP-1) F. Gheusi

BLPB ozonesonde ground test May 2012 (Toulouse) F. Gheusi

Ozonesonde in pulse mode preliminary test (Toulouse, May 2011) F. Gheusi

BLPB ozonesonde flowrate test (Toulouse, October 2012) F. Gheusi

ATR Core in-situ measurements – TRAQA B. Piguet and T. Perrin

Short summary
Boundary-layer pressurised balloons allow for horizontal multi-day flights in the lower atmosphere, carrying light scientific payloads. Ozonesondes, usually used for balloon soundings have too short a lifetime for such flights. An adaptation is proposed, whereby conventional sondes are operated with short measurement phases alternating with longer periods of dormancy. The sondes were operated over the western Mediterranean, offering an original perspective on tropospheric ozone.