Articles | Volume 11, issue 12
Research article
21 Dec 2018
Research article |  | 21 Dec 2018

Low-pressure gas chromatography with chemical ionization mass spectrometry for quantification of multifunctional organic compounds in the atmosphere

Krystal T. Vasquez, Hannah M. Allen, John D. Crounse, Eric Praske, Lu Xu, Anke C. Noelscher, and Paul O. Wennberg

Data sets

GCHRToFCIMS - IHN GC Data from 2017 Caltech Roof Study, Version R0 K. T. Vasquez, L. Xu, H. M. Allen, E. Praske, J. D. Crounse, and P. O. Wennberg

Short summary
Oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs) are difficult to measure in the atmosphere due to their high reactivity and low concentrations. This hinders our understanding of their impact on air quality and climate. Therefore, we have developed a field-deployable instrument capable of providing isomer-resolved measurements of OVOCs in the ambient air. Its performance is assessed through data collected both in the laboratory and during two field studies.