Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Research article
02 Apr 2019
Research article |  | 02 Apr 2019

Effect of dry or wet substrate deposition on the organic volume fraction of core–shell aerosol particles

Hansol D. Lee, Chathuri P. Kaluarachchi, Elias S. Hasenecz, Jonic Z. Zhu, Eduard Popa, Elizabeth A. Stone, and Alexei V. Tivanski

Data sets

Data from: Dry versus Wet? Implication on Aerosol Impaction and Organic Volume Fraction. In Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment (CAICE) H. D. Lee, C. P. Kaluarachchi, E. S. Hasenecz, Z. Zhu, E. Popa, E. A. Stone, and A. V. Tivanski

Short summary
Dry and wet aerosol deposition modes are commonly used to collect particles on a solid substrate for experiments. We demonstrate, using single-particle microscopy and bulk methods, how the substrate-deposited particles with two components can yield the same core–shell morphology but different shell thicknesses depending on the deposition method. Thus we strongly advise future works to use wet deposition when possible to obtain accurate assessment of the single-particle organic volume fraction.