Articles | Volume 15, issue 6
Research article
24 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 24 Mar 2022

Time evolution of temperature profiles retrieved from 13 years of infrared atmospheric sounding interferometer (IASI) data using an artificial neural network

Marie Bouillon, Sarah Safieddine, Simon Whitburn, Lieven Clarisse, Filipe Aires, Victor Pellet, Olivier Lezeaux, Noëlle A. Scott, Marie Doutriaux-Boucher, and Cathy Clerbaux

Data sets

IASI Level 1C Climate Data REcord Release 1 - Metop-A EUMETSAT

IASI-A and -B climate data record of all sky temperature and humidity profiles Release 1 M. Doutriaux-Boucher and T. August

ERA5 hourly data on pressure levels from 1979 to present Copernicus!/dataset/reanalysis-era5-pressure-levels?tab=overview

Analyzed RadioSoundings Archive (ARSA) N. Scott

Atmospheric Temperature Profiles (ATP) M. Bouillon

IASI-FT Atmospheric Temperature Profiles [dataset], Metop-A temperatures M. Bouillon

IASI-FT Atmospheric Temperature Profiles [dataset], Metop-B temperatures M. Bouillon

Short summary
The IASI instruments have been observing Earth since 2007. We use a neural network to retrieve atmospheric temperatures. This new temperature data record is validated against other datasets and shows good agreement. We use this new dataset to compute trends over the 2008–2020 period. We found a warming of the troposphere, more important at the poles. In the stratosphere, we found that temperatures decrease everywhere except at the South Pole. The cooling is more pronounced at the South pole.