Articles | Volume 15, issue 21
Research article
08 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 08 Nov 2022

Long-distance propagation of 162 MHz shipping information links associated with sporadic E

Alex T. Chartier, Thomas R. Hanley, and Daniel J. Emmons

Data sets

GNSS and Digisonde sporadic-E maps produced by Air Force Institute of Technology Daniel J. Emmons

Tropospheric ducting maps Thomas R. Hanley and Alex T. Chartier

FastChar - Digital Ionogram Data Base (DIDBase) Global Ionosphere Radio Observatory

COSMIC-2 Data Products UCAR COSMIC Program

Model code and software

AMT sporadic E paper code release Alex T. Chartier

Video supplement

Long distance AIS links associated with sporadic-E Alex T. Chartier

Short summary
This is a study of anomalous long-distance (>1000 km) radio propagation that was identified in United States Coast Guard monitors of automatic identification system (AIS) shipping transmissions at 162 MHz. Our results indicate this long-distance propagation is caused by dense sporadic E layers in the daytime ionosphere, which were observed by nearby ionosondes at the same time. This finding is surprising because it indicates these sporadic E layers may be far more dense than previously thought.