Articles | Volume 17, issue 1
Research article
16 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 16 Jan 2024

Machine learning approaches for automatic classification of single-particle mass spectrometry data

Guanzhong Wang, Heinrich Ruser, Julian Schade, Johannes Passig, Thomas Adam, Günther Dollinger, and Ralf Zimmermann

Model code and software

GuanzhongLRT2/Machine-learning-approaches-for-automatic-classification-of-single-particle-mass-spectrometry-data: Machine learning approaches for automatic classification of SPMS data G. Wang

Short summary
This research aims to develop a novel warning system for the real-time monitoring of pollutants in the atmosphere. The system is capable of sampling and investigating airborne aerosol particles on-site, utilizing artificial intelligence to learn their chemical signatures and to classify them in real time. We applied single-particle mass spectrometry for analyzing the chemical composition of aerosol particles and suggest several supervised algorithms for highly reliable automatic classification.