Articles | Volume 9, issue 7
Review article
07 Jul 2016
Review article |  | 07 Jul 2016

Accomplishments of the MUSICA project to provide accurate, long-term, global and high-resolution observations of tropospheric {H2O,δD} pairs – a review

Matthias Schneider, Andreas Wiegele, Sabine Barthlott, Yenny González, Emanuel Christner, Christoph Dyroff, Omaira E. García, Frank Hase, Thomas Blumenstock, Eliezer Sepúlveda, Gizaw Mengistu Tsidu, Samuel Takele Kenea, Sergio Rodríguez, and Javier Andrey

Data sets

The ground-based MUSICA dataset: Tropospheric water vapour isotopologues (H_2^16O, H_2^18O and HD^16O) as obtained from NDACC/FTIR solar absorption spectra S. Barthlott, M. Schneider, F. Hase, T. Blumenstock, G. Mengistu Tsidu, M. Grutter de la Mora, K. Strong, J. Notholt, E. Mahieu, N. Jones, and D. Smale,

International in situ water isotope database LSCE, IIE UB RAS & UrFU

NDACC database Authors unknown

Short summary
Tropospheric {H2O,δD} pairs can be observed by remote sensing techniques, but the data quality strongly depends on a comprehensive consideration of the complex nature and a careful calibration of the remote sensing data pairs. This paper reviews the quality assurance/documentation activities of the MUSICA project and demonstrates that MUSICA’s ground-based FTIR and space-based IASI {H2O,δD} pair products are accurate and can be generated at a global scale with high resolution and for long periods.