Articles | Volume 10, issue 4
Research article
03 Apr 2017
Research article |  | 03 Apr 2017

A European-wide 222radon and 222radon progeny comparison study

Dominik Schmithüsen, Scott Chambers, Bernd Fischer, Stefan Gilge, Juha Hatakka, Victor Kazan, Rolf Neubert, Jussi Paatero, Michel Ramonet, Clemens Schlosser, Sabine Schmid, Alex Vermeulen, and Ingeborg Levin

Data sets

A European - wide 222Radon and 222Radon progeny comparison study [Dataset] D. Schmithüsen, S. Chambers, B. Fischer, S. Gilge, J. Hatakka, V. Kazan, R. Neubert, J. Paatero, M. Ramonet, C. Schlosser, S. Schmid, A. Vermeulen and I. Levin

Short summary
A European-wide 222radon/222radon progeny comparison study has been conducted at nine measurement stations in order to determine differences between existing 222radon instrumentation and atmospheric data sets, respectively. Mean differences up to 45 % were found between monitors. These differences need to be taken into account if the data shall serve for quantitative regional atmospheric transport model validation.