Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
Research article
26 Mar 2018
Research article |  | 26 Mar 2018

Impact of varying lidar measurement and data processing techniques in evaluating cirrus cloud and aerosol direct radiative effects

Simone Lolli, Fabio Madonna, Marco Rosoldi, James R. Campbell, Ellsworth J. Welton, Jasper R. Lewis, Yu Gu, and Gelsomina Pappalardo

Data sets

Impact of Varying Lidar Measurement and Data Processing Techniques in evaluating Cirrus Cloud and Aerosol Direct Radiative Effects S. Lolli, F. Madonna, M. Rosoldi, J. R. Campbell, E. J. Welton, J. R. Lewis, Y. Gu, and G. Pappalardo

Short summary
We evaluate the comparability of aerosol and cloud vertically resolved optical properties obtained with varying lidar profiling techniques and/or data processing methodologies. The discrepancies are assessed by evaluating climate-sensitive direct radiative effects, computed by radiative transfer code means. Results show important discrepancies up to 0.8 W m−2 due to lidar data smoothing in cirrus clouds and a 0.05 W m−2 difference between Raman and elastic lidar technique on a dust layer aloft.