Articles | Volume 15, issue 7
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 2251–2275, 2022
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 2251–2275, 2022
Research article
14 Apr 2022
Research article | 14 Apr 2022

Retrieving H2O/HDO columns over cloudy and clear-sky scenes from the Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI)

Andreas Schneider et al.

Data sets

The ground-based MUSICA dataset: Tropospheric water vapour isotopologues (H216O, H218O and HD16O) as obtained from NDACC/FTIR solar absorption spectra S. Barthlott, M. Schneider, F. Hase, T. Blumenstock, G. Mengistu Tsidu, M. Grutter de la Mora, K. Strong, J. Notholt, E. Mahieu, N. Jones, and D. Smale

Short summary
This paper presents an extended H₂O/HDO total column dataset from short-wave infrared measurements by TROPOMI including cloudy and clear-sky scenes. Coverage is tremendously increased compared to previous TROPOMI HDO datasets. The new dataset is validated against recent ground-based FTIR measurements from TCCON and against aircraft measurements over the ocean. The use of the new dataset is demonstrated with a case study of a cold air outbreak in January 2020.