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20 Apr 2023
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Evaluation of polarimetric ice microphysical retrievals with OLYMPEX campaign data

Armin Blanke, Andrew J. Heymsfield, Manuel Moser, and Silke Trömel

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Overview: Fusion of radar polarimetry and numerical atmospheric modelling towards an improved understanding of cloud and precipitation processes
Silke Trömel, Clemens Simmer, Ulrich Blahak, Armin Blanke, Sabine Doktorowski, Florian Ewald, Michael Frech, Mathias Gergely, Martin Hagen, Tijana Janjic, Heike Kalesse-Los, Stefan Kneifel, Christoph Knote, Jana Mendrok, Manuel Moser, Gregor Köcher, Kai Mühlbauer, Alexander Myagkov, Velibor Pejcic, Patric Seifert, Prabhakar Shrestha, Audrey Teisseire, Leonie von Terzi, Eleni Tetoni, Teresa Vogl, Christiane Voigt, Yuefei Zeng, Tobias Zinner, and Johannes Quaas
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 17291–17314,,, 2021
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Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 3931–3957,,, 2023
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Executive editor
This study evaluates many currently available conventional and polarimetric radar-based remote-sensing retrievals of ice water content, total number concentration and mean diameter of ice hydrometeors. It has the potential to become a reference for the assessment of measurement uncertainties from radar observations for which no in-situ reference data are available.
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We present an evaluation of current retrieval techniques in the ice phase applied to polarimetric radar measurements with collocated in situ observations of aircraft conducted over the Olympic Mountains, Washington State, during winter 2015. Radar estimates of ice properties agreed most with aircraft observations in regions with pronounced radar signatures, but uncertainties were identified that indicate issues of some retrievals, particularly in warmer temperature regimes.