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Research article
09 Oct 2019
Research article |  | 09 Oct 2019

Free-fall experiments of volcanic ash particles using a 2-D video disdrometer

Sung-Ho Suh, Masayuki Maki, Masato Iguchi, Dong-In Lee, Akihiko Yamaji, and Tatsuya Momotani

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Climatological characteristics of raindrop size distributions in Busan, Republic of Korea
S.-H. Suh, C.-H. You, and D.-I. Lee
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This is a fundamental study on the features of aerodynamic parameters: terminal velocity, axis ratio, and canting angle. These are necessary for developing a quantitative ash fall estimation method based on weather radar. They were analyzed under controlled conditions from laboratory free-fall experiments, since the aerodynamic properties of the particles are highly dependent on external conditions. These results will help in the development of quantitative ash estimation.