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Research article
09 Mar 2012
Research article |  | 09 Mar 2012

Smoke aerosol and its radiative effects during extreme fire event over Central Russia in summer 2010

N. Chubarova, Ye. Nezval', I. Sviridenkov, A. Smirnov, and I. Slutsker

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Subject: Aerosols | Technique: Remote Sensing | Topic: Data Processing and Information Retrieval
The CALIPSO version 4.5 stratospheric aerosol subtyping algorithm
Jason L. Tackett, Jayanta Kar, Mark A. Vaughan, Brian J. Getzewich, Man-Hae Kim, Jean-Paul Vernier, Ali H. Omar, Brian E. Magill, Michael C. Pitts, and David M. Winker
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 745–768,,, 2023
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Volcanic cloud detection using Sentinel-3 satellite data by means of neural networks: the Raikoke 2019 eruption test case
Ilaria Petracca, Davide De Santis, Matteo Picchiani, Stefano Corradini, Lorenzo Guerrieri, Fred Prata, Luca Merucci, Dario Stelitano, Fabio Del Frate, Giorgia Salvucci, and Giovanni Schiavon
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 7195–7210,,, 2022
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The new MISR research aerosol retrieval algorithm: a multi-angle, multi-spectral, bounded-variable least squares retrieval of aerosol particle properties over both land and water
James A. Limbacher, Ralph A. Kahn, and Jaehwa Lee
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 6865–6887,,, 2022
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Algorithm for vertical distribution of boundary layer aerosol components in remote-sensing data
Futing Wang, Ting Yang, Zifa Wang, Haibo Wang, Xi Chen, Yele Sun, Jianjun Li, Guigang Tang, and Wenxuan Chai
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 6127–6144,,, 2022
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Atmospheric visibility inferred from continuous-wave Doppler wind lidar
Manuel Queißer, Michael Harris, and Steven Knoop
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 5527–5544,,, 2022
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