Articles | Volume 5, issue 11
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 2647–2659, 2012
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 2647–2659, 2012

Research article 07 Nov 2012

Research article | 07 Nov 2012

First middle-atmospheric zonal wind profile measurements with a new ground-based microwave Doppler-spectro-radiometer

R. Rüfenacht et al.

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Subject: Others (Wind, Precipitation, Temperature, etc.) | Technique: Remote Sensing | Topic: Instruments and Platforms
Atmospheric observations with E-band microwave links – challenges and opportunities
Martin Fencl, Michal Dohnal, Pavel Valtr, Martin Grabner, and Vojtěch Bareš
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 6559–6578,,, 2020
Short summary
Tomographic retrieval algorithm of OH concentration profiles using double spatial heterodyne spectrometers
Yuan An, Jinji Ma, Yibo Gao, Wei Xiong, and Xianhua Wang
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 6521–6542,,, 2020
Short summary
Wuhan MST radar: technical features and validation of wind observations
Lei Qiao, Gang Chen, Shaodong Zhang, Qi Yao, Wanlin Gong, Mingkun Su, Feilong Chen, Erxiao Liu, Weifan Zhang, Huangyuan Zeng, Xuesi Cai, Huina Song, Huan Zhang, and Liangliang Zhang
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 5697–5713,,, 2020
A Compact Rayleigh Autonomous Lidar (CORAL) for the middle atmosphere
Bernd Kaifler and Natalie Kaifler
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript accepted for AMT
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Towards accurate and practical drone-based wind measurements with an ultrasonic anemometer
William Thielicke, Waldemar Hübert, and Ulrich Müller
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript accepted for AMT
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